About Me

I was born and raised in Midland TX and couldn't wait to get out. After getting a taste of the big city life I ended up back in my home town. I married my wonderful husband Eric in March of 2006 and come September 11th our little Angel Cole was born. Life changed in an instant and I couldn't imagine life with out my boys. Eric is the most amazing father, my rock and ever quiet support and Cole is the joy of my life.I never knew that one person could bring so much unconditional love. They make me who I am today and because of that I am forever grateful

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cole's first sleepover

So Friday night Cole had his first sleepover with his cousin Kadyn. My sister-in-law Kristyn met Eric and I at Chucky Cheese’s and we let the kids run around & then we decided it would be fun to let the kids come over and let them play a little longer and watch some movies or should I say attempt to watch movies. I got the bright idea that we should put Cole’s tent up and they could “camp” in our living room. Unbeknownst to me my husband has 1) never put a tent up & 2) hasn’t gone camping in years. So I ask my husband along with the assistance of Kristyn to get it put up while I give the kids a bath. Little did I know that they would still be trying to get that dang tent up after I managed to give three kids a bath. The vision of my manly man putting the tent up went out the window when I walk in and they have only managed to get the bars in. Sorry honey I had to rat you out. I then enter as I am bound and determined to get that tent up. Mom to the rescue-I come in and with the help of Kristyn get the tent put up. I have to do my yahoo dance in front of Eric to rub it in his face. Eric and I are both competitive and of course we are both always right. Yes honey I won this round.

Now we have the tent up and the movies in. My second bright idea is to pop popcorn for the kids. You can’t watch a movie with no popcorn. Bad idea before it is all said and done Cole and Keira are fighting like brother & sister and have managed to get popcorn everywhere. Kadyn is just sitting quietly trying to watch the movie just taking it all in.
While I have never cleaned up so much popcorn in all my life we had so much fun having them over. I know the kids had blast. After it was all said and done we finally have them settled down to watch their movie.

I will have to add though watching them run around like maniacs and laughing their hearts out confirmed why I am ready for baby number two. Children are the light of our lives and the laughter in our hearts.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My little cousin Taylor had her 9th Birthday party today. So we headed to Odessa to the ice skating rink in the Odessa Mall. All the kids had so much fun including a few of the adults that braved getting out on the rink. I not being one of them. I normally would have jumped right out there but I knew my little man would have wanted to join me and I can only imagine what kind of accident waiting to happen that would have been. He wants to be a big kid so bad, but I will have to say he sure can hang with them. Here a few pics

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am still a baby

So I am frantically getting ready this morning with Cole at my feet crying his heart out I want my pappy (his name for his pacifier). Yes I know what you are all saying, he is 2 ½ and still sucking on a pacifier as we have heard it from everyone which is funny because most of the people who make comments had the child that sucked their thumb until they were five or a pacifier until they were four; so I just fluff it off an go on my way as I remember I am the mom and I am the one raising this precious angel of mine. However it really hit me this morning am I ever going to get him off this thing. Yes we have made several attempts and he goes all day without it. I am sure what you are thinking is just simply take it away from him. But what I need you to understand is that Cole has this cry that is undeniable the kind that makes you think you are just breaking his little heart in pieces. So has I am trying to walk out the door with him at me feet and I am reminding him that he is a big boy and big boys don’t have pacifiers. He so matter of fact while crying corrects me “but mommy I am a baby.” While this was comical to Eric & I, I realize we must put our foots down and get rid of this pappy. So of course I can’t stand it ( I am pretty sure it’s worse on me than him) I hand him over to Eric as I have to leave for work. I am almost positive he gave in a let him have the pacifier. What is a mom to do? I write this post today as a cry for help from all you mom’s who have been through this. How do I wean my baby boy off this pacifier?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Eric and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday because we didn't dare try to brave getting out on public with all the masses of people celebrating the Day of Love. We did however have my little cousins birthday on Valentine's Day. Paeton turned two and Merideth is always very creative with the the kids birthday parties. This particular birthday the theme was bubbles and there were bubbles bubbles everywhere and ice cream sundaes. The kids just loved it!! I think the adults had just as much fun. The guys thought it was so funny waving the wands around so hard they got bubbles all over the place including in every ones hair.

     Paeton, The Birthday Girl

     Caden, waving a bubble wand
     My sweet baby boy posing as usual

     My wonderful Mom and I-I finally got a picture with
                            her. She never will take any

     Kindall Grace blowing bubbles
     Cole blowing bubbles